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Kentuckiana Express Shuttle
Payment is due at time of reservation


  1. Excess time will be billed at the rate quoted plus gratuity and fees

  2. Unforeseen cancellations due to flight cancellations, weather, natural disaster, etc. may be rescheduled at no charge

  3. Cancellations for other reasons may be rescheduled but charges for the original pickup may apply if the vehicle has been dispatched.

  4. A 100% Cancellation fee will apply to all confirmed services cancelled for any other reason. Credit card receipts will be emailed within 7 business days after services have been rendered. Please note Kentuckiana Express Shuttle may adjust the time frame for any scheduled service for special events or unforeseen emergencies as needed. Advance notice will be given unless the time change will not allow for advance notice.

  5. A 100% cancellation fee will be charged for all special event services such as the Kentucky Derby and other entertainment venues once the credit card information has been received.

  6. Cleaning fee of $ 350.00 or higher could be charged if vehicle is trash or damage or if any person gets sick in vehicle to Credit Card on File.

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